Club Penguin Cheats & Secrets

Club Penguin Cheats

Welcome to our Club Penguin Cheats page, where there will be almost ever cheat known to Club Penguin posted on this page. If you have any Club Penguin Cheats you would like to share with us either e-mail or comment below!

Here is the Ultimate Club Penguin Cheats Guide!

NOTE: Club Penguin has fixed must of these cheats/glitches or you aren’t doing it right.

If a Club Penguin Cheat is crossed out that means it doesn’t work anymore.

Pizzatron 3000 Candy Mode:

Once you get to the screen press the red lever that is on the bottom and you will be able to make candy pizza’s.

Astro Barrier Cheats:

1. While on the loading screen press 1, 2, 3 to get to levels 10 20 and 30.

Extra life on Astro Barrier

2.When you beat level 6 shoot the blue and green targets to get extra points and also a extra life ( remember to shoot the blue one first )

Astro Barrier Secret Level

3. When you beat level 10 wait at least 30 seconds and then a blue ship will appear, shoot it and you will be taken to a secret level.

Quickly Full Puffle Stats:

Give the puffle a bath then feed it and his stats ( health, and more ) up.

Puffles with No Names:

When you want to buy a puffle press ” space ” bar and it will give your puffle no name.

Sit Foward:

1. Move your mouse so your penguin will face foward.

2. Press ‘ S ‘ on your keyboard.

Toggle Graphice Quality:

Press the + or – button on your keyboard. ( It will make your Club Penguin screen look a lot better quality )

Catch the Big Fish in Ice Fishing:

When you see the big fish ( Mullet is his name ) coming, catch a yellow fish on the line, but if he doesn’t appear just reel in the fish instead. Keep the fish unreeled until you see him coming. He will eventually eat the yellow fish and you will have caught the ( Mullet ) fish.

Walk under Club Penguin chat bar:

1. Go to a room where you can walk beside the chat bar.

2. Either go left or right of the chat bar.

3. If your on the left, click the right hand side of the chat bar ( Vice versa )

4. Your penguin will be under the chat bar and his hat will be popping out.

Say hello and good bye very fast cheat:

Just press H and G repeatedly. Make sure you do this fast.

Penguin with no arm cheat:

Press W ( which is for waving ) very fast and your penguin will literally have no arm.

Weird Noise

Press E + T to here a very weird noise on Club Penguin ( Sounds like a horn )

Hit the target:

Go to the snow forts and throw a snowball at the target by the clock. If you hit it right you will be able to make the target spin around.

Dance Contest Expert Level:

1. Go to the Night Club and start the new dance game.

2. When Cadence asks you to choose a level, click here scarf.

3. A message will pop up, Click yes and you will play the expert level.

1000 Coins in Jet Pack Adventure:

Finish the game without earning any coins at all and you will receive a 1000 coin rewarded.

Edit Other People’s Igloos ( Fixed )

1. Go to your igloo.

2. Press the edit tool button.

3. Press your penguins player card

4. Go to the HQ

4. Use the map to go to another penguins igloo.

5. Now you can move around their items and act like its your igloo.

Secret Rooms on Club Penguin:

1. Dojo Court Yard

2.  Mine

3. Ice Burg

4. Speaker in the Dance Club ( Leads to bolier room )

5. Man Hole ( In the plaza ) Leads to the cave.

Club Penguin Emotion Cheats:

E1 = Laughing Face

E2 = Smiley

E3 = Straight Face

E4 = Frown

E5 = Surprise

E6 = Sticking out tongue

E7 = Wink

E8 = Green sticky face

E9 = Red angry face

E0 = Sad face ( 0 this is a zero, not the letter o )

EF = Flower

EG = Game

EH = Heart

EP = Puffle

EM = Money

EI = Good Luck

EC = Coffe cup

ES = Skull

Shift + ! = Big exclamation mark

E + ? = Big question mark

H = Hello

B = Bye

O = Okay

Y = Yes

N = No

T = Throw snowballs

The full image of all the emotions is below:


Rockhopper’s Password:

Penguin username: Rockhopper

Penguin password: Migrator

Hope this Club Penguin Cheats Guide helps you conquer Club Penguin!

There will be more cheats to come.


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  1. More Club Penguin Cheats to come : D

    Comment by thepwnedblog — March 4, 2009 @ 9:15 am

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