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March 5, 2009

Club Penguin Newspaper #177 + White Puffle Cheats

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Club Penguin has released a newspaper today!

I will be posting all the cheats about the white puffle adoption and Penguin Style catalog as well on Friday!


The Club Penguin Play – Penguin Awards will be coming out on March 20th!

This is supposed to be the best play ever known to Club Penguin!


If you have ever wanted a white puffle then on March 6th your wish will come true.

Yes that’s right Club Penguin is coming out with a white puffle to adopt and care for. This will be a very big event on Club Penguin!

Check here for all the Club Penguin Cheats on the white puffle, on Friday!

shamrock1 ( Click to enlarge )

The St. Patrick’s day party is going to be coming on the 13th of March, make sure to attend that as well!

I am going to be wearing my old St. Patrick’s day hat and have all green on as well.

Here are the Club Penguin upcoming events:

penguins_new1 ( Click to enlarge )

Note: Club Penguin was almost 40 minutes late with the newspaper! The time the paper should have came out is ( Club Penguin Time: 10pm ) but instead it came out around ( Club Penguin Time: 10:40 ) very strange, but Club Penguin always is late on updates.


March 3, 2009

White Puffle Cheats [ 10 Sure Fire ways To Get The White Puffle on Club Penguin ]

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Hiya Penguins!

The White Puffle is supposed to make a big impact on Club Penguin this Friday!

We are supposed to have a new puffle to adopt in the Pet Shop adoption catalog. You will finally be able to own a White Puffle and get to walk it around the world of Club Penguin!

Here is a picture Billybob posted on the official blog, the puffles look very cool!


Every puffle on Club Penguin has a different way of showing their personalities. What do you think this white puffle might do? They will probably eat, sleep, even play differently than the others. Check here for all your puffle cheats news on Friday!

Also the white puffle loves to hide! So be sure to look out for him to wonder off from you in your igloo when you adopt him. Here is a animation of the White Puffle on the room: Dojo.


Here below are ten sure fire ways to prepare for your ( white puffle )

1. Make room for your puffle by like re-designing your igloo.

2. Make your igloo full of different puffle furniture, so he/she feels right at home.

3. The white puffle is shy so keep a minimum of 5 puffles in your igloo at a time.

4. Make sure to have plenty of water for them as-well.

5. They may sleep a lot so make sure to have beds ready too.

6. What they eat: Unknown ( Maybe same things as the others eat )

7. Make sure to walk your white puffle around Club Penguin, so it becomes familiar to the island.

8. Feed it right away, puffles tend to walk away and go on to another owner or out in the island if you don’t correctly feed them.

9. Make sure to tend to them a lot.

10. Enjoy and can’t wait until Friday!

Let us know what you think of this update!

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