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April 4, 2009


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March 20, 2009

Penguin Play Awards And Better Igloo Catalog!

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-Hey Everyone-

The penguin play awards came out today and the better igloo catalog! Both of them were very interesting. I liked the play,of course, the most because you actually got to vote and they brought back clothes from other plays! Lets take a look at the stage!


Inside the play you got to watch a little screenshot of the plays! There is a picture of the Fairy Fables play!


There is the outside of the play! I like the red carpet :) !


Over here you get to vote in all different categories! Lol, I like the time machine one with the back in time in the volcano! Especially, the unibrow! I dedicate that to KittyKat3! ;) ! Lol thats herFAVORITE ITEM. Now, for the better igloo catalog!


Cool Front Page…….


Those items are SO cool! I bought all of them like 20 times! ROFL WAFFLE! Thats all for now penguins!

-Halo And Me-

March 19, 2009

Halo And Me

-Hey Everyone-

My name is Halo and Me and i will be running this site with Proffesorlax . Yes, i am the new owner of Halo And Me! I am very excited to be working on such an AMAZING blog! Also, if you want to see my AWESOME blog then click Here! Please Visit! I will be the new admin, so me and Professorlax will be the owners of this site! I can’t wait till i start posting on this blog! Here is a picture of my penguin :


Yes i am VERY rare. Im about 1110 days old! Please keep checking back for more updates on this blog! Peace Out Penguins!

-Halo And Me-

March 6, 2009

Penguin of the week!

Hello everyone and welcome to the frist ever penguin of them week post!

Pennybelle ) is our winner of this week!


1) Question : OK whats your favorite puffle answer :  pink puffle

2) Question : whats your favorite room on club penguin answer :  dock

3) Question : whats you favorite item you have answer : bunny slippers  

4) Question : favorite pin you have – answer : 2nd pin ( music pin )


well thats all for now thanks for reading to become one of our penguins of the week just comment below with you penguins name and why you think you should be the penguin of the week 🙂 Halo and me~

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