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March 4, 2009

Rockhopper Password & How To Become Rockhopper Cheat

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Hiya penguins!

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be on Rockhopper’s Club Penguin account?

Well its a very big deal if you have ever went on it, because now in days Club Penguin has the account to Rockhopper very well protected. All the moderator’s on Club Penguin and Rockhopper have a different IP address they are only allowed to log-in with. Back before Club Penguin knew what was happening people were able to go on Billybob, Rockhopper, etc.

The old Rockhopper Password was:

Usename: Rockhopper

Password: Migrator

If you want to try it out go ahead and give it a shot. ( I have gotten in to Rockhoppers account twice )

Here are a few picture’s of people on the Club Penguin Moderators and more : D


Do you think this Billybob picture looks fake or real?

I have seen this penguin on a lot lately and he always wears different clothing. So that’s a sign that this isn’t the real Billbob.

Here is a suspicious picture of Rockhopper.

He was on for a counted 1 hr. on Mammoth, February 28th 2009 was the day this happened.

He was not acting like the normal Rockhopper neither, he was playing hide and go seek and other game’s.


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– Professorlax –


Working Rockhopper Tracker

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I have found a real Rockhopper Tracker that was made, by Club Penguin HQ!

It tells you when Rockhopper was last sighted, where he is at the moment, and what server he is on! It is almost 100% accurate and will help you find him easier. Also if thisĀ trackerĀ  isn’t working then use the Rockhopper Tracker that I have made which will also be updated! Click here for Rockhopper Tracker:

( Note: This Rockhopper Tracker will need to be refreshed to work. Refresh it by clicking on the widget, remember to refresh a lot )


[ If the tracker does not work after refreshing, that means he might be offline ]

Hopefully this will help you find Rockhopper easier!

Let me know if this Rockhopper Tracker has worked for you!

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